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Two Texas rugby athletes are going National

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Two young women from Texas are representing us on the USA Rugby’s Girl’s High School All American Team—and one of them is even from Plano. Reagan Hunter (16) of Plano, Texas, and McKenzie Borchers (16) of Kingwood, Texas, are both headed to Emmitsburg, Maryland, this week to train with the rest of the Girls High School All-Americans (GHSAAs). This is a huge accomplishment, and it’s not the first time local rugby programs have excelled this year. Plano Rugby recently won the 2016 Rugby State Championship, and Hunter and Borchers were named Forward and Back of the Year, respectively, by Rugby Texas.

Reagan Hunter rugby

Reagan Hunter

Hunter is an upcoming PSHS student and a Vines alum who has been playing for the Plano Rugby Club since she was 8. She has won two varsity state championships (2014 and 2016). In 2015, her team took second in the state. This June, Hunter competed in Denver on a Mid-America All Star JV team representing Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri where she received a Man of the Match designation, given to the player who makes the strongest contribution.


It’s no surprise that Hunter and Borchers will be joining the All-Americans tomorrow, July 26, for the GHSAA East camp, the first of two camps that will culminate in matches against Canadian opponents. It’ll be an intensive training period; the team will eat, board, train and live together until game days. GHSAA head coach Farrah Douglas will lead them, while Kate Daley and Ricardo Ramirez will serve as assistant coaches.

Four matches will be held on Friday, July 29 and Sunday, July 31. The girls report tomorrow to Maryland for three days of training camp before playing in two matches against a Canadian side. Wish them luck!

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