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Plano Animal Services Warn Residents of Stray Dogs

Two stray dogs, who are potentially responsible for biting 7 residents, have been spotted roaming the streets of Plano, according to Plano Animal Services director Jamey Cantrell in an advisory message sent to Plano Profile this morning. 

The most recent incident involved a 12-year-old boy, who was bitten on the leg, authorities say.

“Two dogs have been at large over the last couple of months,” reports Cantrell, “and there have been a few incidents where the dogs bite people running or jogging.”

One of the dogs is a Blue Heeler, who are known for herding and chasing cattle. The other dog is a black and white mix breed. The two have been seen all over town together.

Stray Dog Sightings

Map courtesy of Plano Animal Services

“They have been all the way from north of Legacy, as far south as Plano Parkway,” says Cantrell. They also been seen west of Ohio and east to 75.

Cantrell told Plano Profile what residents should do if they ever see a stray or unknown dog:

  1. Anytime you see any dog running at large call [Plano Animal Services] immediately so we can pick it up.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if running or walking outside while listening to headphones.
  3. If you see a dog you don’t know, running away is a bad idea! Back up slowly, get to safety and call us.

If you see these dogs or have any other animal emergency call Plano Animal Services at 972.769.4360


Photos courtesy of Plano Animal Services


Photos courtesy of Plano Animal Services

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