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The extraordinary photography of Gabrielle Castaneda Pruitt

Gabrielle Castaneda Pruitt art photography plano texas

For Gabrielle Castaneda Pruitt of Venezuela, a photograph is much more than a click of the shutter. “I feel as though I am an automobile driving through life. When I see something or recognize a happening, I need to stop. I screech to a halt, pull over and investigate it with my lenses.”

Gabrielle Castaneda Pruitt art photography plano texas

Inspired by the everyday, to Gaby, “Life is art.” Her interpretation of the ordinary— clouds, trees, light, colors, textures, the twinkle in people’s eyes when they are themselves, the sparkle of seeing new things, museums, galleries, sound, music and even the smell of great food—is something transcendent.

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The result is photographic art. Gaby explains, “From my perspective, it is taking that snapshot or image capture to another level. Some say your photograph is done when you click the shutter. That is when it starts—that energy you saw and felt—be it a story, a feeling, a color, a memory, it is etched into your spirit. The fine art part is how you interpret that. It is a style that I have developed by asking “what if?” When I view my photography in the digital darkroom, I give it a translation on what I’d like it to say.”

Born in Caracas, Venezuela but raised in Oklahoma, Gaby now lives in Plano and has a small private studio near downtown. Check out Gaby’s work at and

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Originally published in Plano Profile‘s April 2016 issue.

Rebecca Silvestri
Executive Editor
Rebecca Silvestri is the wife of Philip Silvestri, Publisher of Plano Profile.
A qualified math teacher, Rebecca met Philip in the Dominican Republic where she was teaching, and in addition to falling in love, she started to write for Philip's Dominican publications. Over the years, Rebecca grew into her current role of Editor In Chief of 5 magazines produced and distributed in the Dominican Republic.

Now living in Plano, Rebecca continues her work in the Dominican Republic, and is also a contributor of Plano Profile Magazine.


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