Dog training at downtown Plano

dog training downtown plano, texas

Is your fur baby really a good boy? Or, is he a furry fiend? If he’s cute but a little bit crazy, the City of Plano is ready to help—with free dog training classes in downtown Plano.

Paws on the Plaza is a new monthly, dog-friendly night out being hosted by Plano Arts & Events (part of the City of Plano) in conjunction with Dog trainer Jason Godwin. Jason is a certified Professional Behaviorist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer both through Texas Dog Training since 2008. He’s also a certified Veterinary Assistant.

The first session aims to educate you and your pup on the topic of Socialization: How and When to Introduce Dogs to a Group and New Humans.

Bring your dog–or just yourself for the first of many free, informative and canine-friendly evenings.

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Paws on the Plaza, downtown Plano

March 16th at 7 pm
McCall Plaza, downtown Plano

Dogs must be on a well-fitting leash, and be current on their rabies vaccinations.

Please note: the trainer has the right to ask anyone to leave if he deems there is unsafe behavior for the situation.

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