7-Eleven delivery comes to Plano

7-Eleven, Plano, 7-Eleven NOW, Dallas

Photo courtesy of the 7-Eleven Facebook page

7-Eleven delivery services are coming to Plano with the new 7-Eleven NOW app. With the app, users can purchase items and have them delivered straight to their location. The app offers a wide variety of products, including snacks, cosmetics, home goods, and beverages, and hundreds more. No more running to the store before a road trip for paper plates or floundering for batteries at the last minute before a presentation.

7-Eleven, Plano, 7-Eleven NOW, Dallas

Get 7 free deliveries with the new app, available for Apple and Android

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7-Eleven NOW in Plano

Dallas was the first city to test out the app in late 2017 during its pilot phase, but now the program is being expanded to select 7-Eleven stores in the DFW area, including eight stores in Plano. Download the app today and receive seven free deliveries (offer ends 7/8).

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